On the Register or – Wait What Do You Mean I Have to Do This All Over Again?

I’m on the Register!

550 days ago, 18 months ago, or 1.5 years ago I registered to take the FSOT. I made it through the entire selection process and all the clearances. And now here I am, finally on the Register.

Normally, I’d be feeling pretty great but if you’ve been keeping up with the news you know that now is an interesting time for the Department of State. Most hiring is frozen. The last two A-100 classes have been comprised solely of fellows, consular, and management officers (no political officers – my track).

Being on the Register means I have 18 months to be called for an A-100 class. If they continue to hold four A-100s per year that means I have about 5-6 chances to get an offer. My rank is pretty good, the last I heard I was in the top 10 on the political register. Right now though, rank means nothing and hiring trends are anyone’s best guess.

What to do? What to do? I think I’ll just start the whole process over again. You can take the test as many times as you want (once per year) and you can have multiple candidacies on multiple registers. Right now the odds are that consular officers will get called over anyone else. Consular actually used to be my preferred track but I switched to political on my last attempt and got through. So I will register to take test again in the October window in order to give myself a consular candidacy and another 18 months on that register.

Patience is most definitely the 14th dimension.

3 thoughts on “On the Register or – Wait What Do You Mean I Have to Do This All Over Again?

  1. Congratulations!

    I’m still in adjudications myself, but I look at the date I get onto the Register with some trepidation, given how uncertain things are. Patience is indeed the 14th dimension 😉

    Here’s hoping we’re both called for March 2018, and we can move onto the next stage of this incredibly bizarre journey. Best of luck with the second candidacy.

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  2. Thank you! Honestly, the longer clearances take right now, the better. I wouldn’t have minded if my FSR took a few months, but at this point its also good to know that everything was approved. All we can do is hope/wait. Definitely rooting for March 2018! Is there no January 2018 class?


    1. So according to FSI Registrar, the next class after September 18 is March 18. Either way, the next class will be in the next fiscal year, so it’s anyone’s guess what’s going to happen…


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